Friday, 20 May 2011

birthday cake is finished!!

I have slaved away and finally finished my daughters birthday cake - I hope she likes it. I am rather proud of myself to be honest and pleased with how its turned out! 

I now just have 24 hours to prepare food, pass the parcel and my mind for about 30 5 year olds at her party!!! 

Happy Friday people, have a fab weekend!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

I've been a busy little bee this morning - I have baked the cake - well its in the oven while I'm chilling with a cheeky bacon butty and cuppa!   The rest of the characters are made  - I'm not too sure about little brown mouse, he's a bit fat.... but I'm sure she won't mind.....  

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Oops.... Birthdays and Busy-ness!

Big apologies to my followers! I've not updated my blog for aaaaages!!!  It's been a busy month for me I'm sorry to say, mostly work and gerneral life!  I've not had time for crafting much lately as life has just got in the way.... don't you just hate it when that happens!?!  I've had my birthday, dads birthday and mums birthday is tomorrow. 

My daughters birthday is the next week......  I made the foolish choice of asking her what birthday cake she would like for her 5th birthday party - The look of horror on my face must have been a picture when she asked for a Gruffalo cake!  I have made the Gruffalo to sit on top, just the cake to do now for her party on Saturday.... What do you think so far!?!  He's made out of fondant icing, I was pleased with how he turned out!  Will post pics of the finished item later in the week!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day

O.K. I'm a day late posting my 'Happy Mothers Day' post! I hope all mummies reading had a wonderful day. We had a lovely day and visited Twycross Zoo. The rain held off for most of the day and we only got soaked as we were walking back to the car! The zoo has been done up and its rather nice there now. 

We saw all of the animals but my favourite was the Orangutan and her new born baby. When we arrived there were signs up saying that they were filming in the park for some TV show.  I thought no more about it and then we bumped into Peter Andre!! He was filming something for some TV show... I'm not sure what.

It must be a day for late things - I didn't manage a folksy friday this week so I'm doing it today - so now it'll be a Folksy Monday!  Having been inspired by my zoo trip I've included a selection of my favourite zoo-y stuff! It even inspired me to make this which will be available in my Folksy shop later.

So.... without further's my Folksy Monday.....

With Hugs and Kisses

Paper Kutz -Cards, Paper, Crafts and more

Silk Purse, Sow's Ear


Thanks for looking! have a great Monday!!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another busy weekend

I have had another busy weekend!  I was at a school fair yesterday selling my nappy cakes and knitted and felted items. I had a good day and although it was a little quiet.  Thanks to the ladies at Our Ladies Catholic School in Wellingborough for looking after us stall holders. They provided us with tea and coffee all day and even lunch!! I need more of that at fairs!

It has been a busy week on Folksy too.  I opened my Felted Fluffies shop on Folksy about too weeks ago and I'm pleased to say that I've already had 3 sales.  I am over the moon with that!  I'm now working on lots more stuff to stock it with including dinosaurs and fantasy creatures! I've also been commissioned to crochet a snoopy toy - I'll keep you posted on his progress so far I've done his head, an ear and most of the body! I have also been working on some things to stock my other folksy shop and am knitting the most gorgeous sparkly yarn summery scarf at the moment! Pics to come!!!

The best thing however that I have made today has been this yummy banana cake!  It doesn't look much but it is the most delicious and easy recipe I have come across.  I've been making it for a while!   If you want to make a yummy cake like this heres the recipe....

You will need 4 very ripe bananas, 11oz caster sugar, 4 eggs, 8fl oz sunflower oil, 15oz plain flour, 2tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1/2 tsp salt 2tsp cinnamon.  If I have them I also throw in a handful of currants or sultanas.

Bung them all together in a bowl and mix well. Pour into cake tin - This recipe makes the 2 cakes above and put in a preheated oven on 180 for about 1 hour if you are splitting the mixture like I have or hour and half if you are using a bigger tin.  It has always turned out perfectly for me and always delish! as hubby says nom nom and enjoy!

Monday, 21 March 2011

What a Weekend!

Well what a nice weekend, I hope you''ve all had a good weekend too!?!  On Friday night I had a stall at a local craft and gift fair. There was a nice range of stalls there but unfortunately not so many customers.  Nevermind, I had a lovely chat to lots of other stall holders and bought some yummy cake.  Plus I was next to my friend who runs a little toy shop in the town Masters and Matthews . They specialise in wooden toys, Melissa and Doug and Orchard Toys to name a few.  If you have little ones please check them out - if you are in Kettering or nearby their shop is based in Market Street.

Saturday was quite relaxed and then on Sunday, I visited the Stitch and Craft Show at Olympia in London with my lovely Nan.  There were lots of yummy craft goodies available but I was disappointed that there wasn't a huge range of knitting stuff there.  However there was lots of cross stitch and paper craft stalls. As tempting as it was I refrained from buying lots of beautiful things that I loved but would never use as I have done in the past!   Instead I bought some lovely wool and pattern from a place called Fancy Yarn.  They had some amazing wool   and it was good value too.  I also bought a few other little bits to try out - Keep your eye on my Folksy Shop shop for up and coming new bits and bobs.....

Enjoy your Monday whatever you are up to!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Craft Fair tonight and Folksy Friday

I have been busy making things for a craft and gift fair this evening at the Hunting Lodge in Cottingham, Leicestershire.  I will be there this evening selling a range of my Nappy Cakes and gifts and things from my Folksy shops and heres my felted fluffies shop.  Fingers crossed its nice and busy.

Anyway, back to Folksy Friday..... Its Friday and I've decided to showcase a few bits that I love.  I've decided that my outfits need a bit of brightening up and in need of a brooch or corsage. I've made a few of these crochet flowers lately

Heres a small selection of some of my favourite brooches and corsages from Folksy....

The first is by Leanne Woods Designs - crocheted pinwheels, I love this! Next is the cute little Russian Doll brooch from SewRealicoul.  The purple and orange crochet flower brooch is from  Purpleshed Contemporary crochet I'd never have thought of using these colours together but I think they look fab!  The funky fabric rosette brooch is available from Made with Love X and I adore the corsage/hat pin made by Tusen Takk, it's made from recycled sweet wrappers!  The last one is perfect for spring and its the lovely bird brooch from PantsandPaper.  I'm sure you'll agree these are all lovely!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

busy busy busy

I have been very busy lately.  I have opened up a new shop on Folksy - Felted Fluffies  Where I am going to sell my felted creations.   Please do take a look, here's an example of whats on offer...
His name is Cyril and he's my favourite little needle felted creature! He is looking for a new home though.......

It's a busy week for me as well as opening my new folksy shop, I've found out this  morning that I have passed the Health Science Open Uni course that i have been studying for the last 3 years. WOOHOO - I haven't been able to stop smiling since I found out.  

On sunday I am going to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia on Sunday and hoping to come home with lots of goodies!  I am taking my 82 year old nan with me so also doing my bit for help the aged at the same time.......  I'll let you know how it goes

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sorry blog I've neglected you.....

Hmm, well it seems that I have neglected my new blog (which isn't so new any more!)  The good news is I have been making lots new crafty stuff, mostly felt and the odd knitted item! Keep your eyes peeled for my new items coming soon.....  It's a lovely sunny day so am hoping to ge some decen photos taken.....

Friday, 4 February 2011

I have been a busy little bee this morning!  I have finished my felt bead bracelet!  I really like it! I needle felted the beads myself and added some crystal beads in between them as spacers.

What do you think!?!

I have also been busy trying to declutter and sort my craft stuff out - I've just a bit of fabric and some leather bits to my shop so have a look if you are interested in some supplies.

Apart form this I have been looking on the new Pinterest website - a virtual visual pinboard! There is absolutely loads on there to look at. will take you to my boards where you can have a look at my likes! It is a fantastic timewaster so if you have an hour to spare pop on over and take a peek!  I have become slightly addicted to it!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Folksy Friday

Well here is my first Folksy Friday - The subject for my first is people who have featured me before - when they told me they were featuring me in their Folksy Fridays I said I'd return the favour when I eventually got round to setting up a blog....  It may have been a few months ago but I haven't forgotten!

I'll start the ball rolling with a few of my bits that have been blogged and are still in my shop

Here are my tape measure brooch, pom pom scarf and butterfly zip brooch.


So here are my 5 for my first Folksy Friday - the first one is a gorgeous shabby chic wreath by Rags to Roses.  Next we have a cute little notebook by Dabdash and third is a really nice valentines card by AccidentalVix.  The fourth one is a stunning little scarflette by Linda at uniquelyyours and lastly there is a little fabric keepsake wallet made by Ellies Treasures. 

Please suggest something fora topic next week and I'll choose my favourite!
Here we are - heres my daughter in her new jumper!  It was knitted in King Cole Riot yarn - its wonderfully soft and self patterning so makes these lovely stripes


Well, I've been sitting here with a pile of UFO's for too long (thats un-finished objects and nothing to do with little green men!)  and decided it was time that I actually finsished something! I have completed a jumper for my daughter which I started about October time! She's only 4 so its not massive but it is the first wearable thing I have actually finished apart from scarves, hats and gloves!  I am so very proud of myself!!  It was my first go at knitting cables and am pleased to say I have suceeded - with a bit of help from my lovely nan. I'd like to post a pic but so far have not worked out how to do it - will get one posted shortly.........

I still have several UFO's on the go which will eventually get finished.......
I'm working on things to add to my folksy shop at the moment - I'm currently needle felting away  - well I was until I stabbed myself several times.  Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for new and exciting stuff in my shop.  Thanks for reading

Monday, 31 January 2011

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blogging experience!  I'm brand new to all this and I'm not sure what to write to be honest!  A bit about me.... I'm Rachael and love to make stuff!  I have been crafting in one way or another for at least 10 years.  I have tried many crafts over the years - I started with cross stitch, card making and scrapbooking and while I stilll dabble in these now and again, I mostly knit, crochet and sew.  I have also recently discovered needle and wet felting which I am really loving!

I have recently opened up my very own shop on Folksy  where I am hoping to sell my creations in order to make way for new items -If I didn't sell some of it I wouldn't be able to move in my house!  I also have a shop on there selling crafting supplies so you never know, maybe there is something useful for you

I also do have my own website selling mainly new baby gifts and nappy cakes - have a look

I can often be found at local craft fairs selling one or some of my wares!

Anyway, I've waffled enough for my first post, I hope to add often, updating you with my new stuff, ideas and work in progress!